Attar’s resting-place; Iranian Gnostic & poet

by Faravarde March. 24, 2010 8239 views

Attar's poetry inspired Rumi and many other Sufi poets. It is said that Rumi actually met Attar when Attar was an old man and Rumi was a boy, though some scholars dispute this possibility.

A traditional story is told about Attar's death. He was taken prisoner by a Mongol during the invasion of Nishapur. Someone soon came and tried to ransom Attar with a thousand pieces of silver. Attar advised the Mongol not to sell him for that price. The Mongol, thinking to gain an even greater sum of money, refused the silver. Later, another person came, this time offering only a sack of straw to free Attar. Attar then told the Mongol to sell him for that was all he was worth. Outraged at being made a fool, the Mongol cut off Attar's head.

Attar’s Resting-place; Neyshabour, Iran

For ground; Resting-place of Kamalolmolk, Iranian painter

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Jacki 11 years, 2 months ago

wonderful peacock-like colors... is it mosaic tile??

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Brenda Nelson 11 years, 2 months ago

I can't imagine how you had almost 900 views and I'm only the second person to make a comment! This is quite a set - love #2 because of the composition of the shot and the clear and clean image of the crypt behind. And I really appreciate the narrative that helps us appreciate the photos.

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