The Big Race

by Andy Lumb October. 14, 2017 437 views

Sunrise over one of the world's great motor racing street circuits; Mt Panorama in Bathurst, NSW, Australia, before the great race...161 laps, 1000 kms of grunt.

Pit Straight

Pit Straight

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Lisa 2 years ago

How simply peaceful the shot is you have achieved!! It's like "time to breathe" - the irony of the feeling of "just take another quiet breath" , given the event it makes it simply more beautiful... that's what I see anyway and what it made me feel - "take a breath"
Simply beautiful....

2 years ago Edited
Andy Lumb Replied to Lisa 2 years ago

Thank you!  And yes, I was able to stand on what was, at that time of day, just a regular road for residents to use & take a breath in the blissful calm & quiet before a hectic few days of work & racing.

2 years ago Edited

Wow great scene, excellent execution, and processing! I hope the race went well? :)

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Andy Lumb Replied to Christian Hammer Nielsen 2 years ago

Thanks!  Unfortunately, it rained on race day so the first 3/4 the driver's were quite careful. Then it seemed like they all went nuts for the final couple of hours so it turned out to be an exciting finish.

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Antonio Gil 2 years ago

One of your best pictures so far. Could be a cover of a book, or an advertisement of a movie. Just perfect

2 years ago Edited
Andy Lumb Replied to Antonio Gil 2 years ago

Wow, thank you so much!  I must admit, when I pictured getting this shot, this was more or less exactly how I imagined it, so I was incredibly fortunate with the light & the sunrise.  Especially since it rained & was overcast every other morning we were there.  Well worth getting up at 5:30 for.

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Jay Boggess 2 years ago

Great shot!!!

ps,, thanks for "liking" my "musical maestro" shot too!

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Andy Lumb Replied to Jay Boggess 2 years ago

Thanks...& you're welcome!

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