Cheile Turzii (Turzii Gorge)

by Felix... May. 14, 2011 2356 views

Turzii Gorge / Cheile Turzii is a protected natural area, 25 km south of Cluj-Napoca, in the heart of Transylvania. It belongs to the northern part of Trascau Mountains.

The diversity of high and steep walls, sharp ridges, rock towers and caves makes it one of the most beautiful and impressive gorge in Romania. Turzii Gorge resembles the shape of a double funnel and was shaped by Hasdate River on more than 3 km length and with vertical walls up to 250 m.

Because of the landscape and the favorable location (close to Cluj-Napoca and Turda cities) it became a very popular spot for tourists and climbers. Tourists can explore the entire length of the gorge following the engineered trail at the river level. Or taking a more airy approach and enjoying the views from above, on any of the both flanks, 300-350 m high above the river level.

Many caves are present inside the canyon, the longest one being Ungureasca Cave - 75 m (also an excellent climbing spot). Two of the caves (Cetateaua Mare and Cetateaua Mica) were fortified with stone walls in the Middle Ages and served as a hiding place for local people during hard times.

From climbing point of view this place is a paradise, being one of the most significant sites in Romania. It played also a key role in the development of modern rock climbing in this country.

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Sadhya Rippon 6 years ago

Fantastic landscape and lovely pictures to illustrate it.

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