Brenda Scott's PhotoBlog

Tonight I played with my pinhole body cover. First . . . the moon. Next . . . a sealed up doorway to my dorm. Note that there's no doorknob!

Thought I'd experiment with light writing AND with . . . GASP . . . Picasa. I've loathed Picasa for a while, but with the new changes, I thought I'd try it…

Wow! I've pulled 2 all-nighters since the year began! And I'm tired. So . . . the phone was my last-minute subject. And I played with some shots of kitchen…

Or . . . how I spent my weekend . . . and the last night. Finished folding the 1119 (I think) brochures just before 7:30AM. Hurrah!

Today was a slow day, photo-wise. Just tried my macro function on the little Pentax on one journey from the music building as I printed brochures.

2009 began with a crisp shadows and eggs and sausage at Rick's. I thought I might attempt a 365 project for 2009. This is Day 1, then.