Biscuits In The Jar, Oh...

by Kelly Field March. 22, 2017 1266 views

It's gone cold and grey outside, again. Fickle British weather is being its usual self. I think we used up our weekly quota of sunshine yesterday. Oh well, my office is warm and there are biscuits (not whiskey) in the jar. 

While I'm here, I wanted to share with you one of the first pictures I took when I bought my camera last year. There's an avenue of trees on the way to the Old Gorhambury House ruin. It's a long walk (a couple of miles I think) and I didn't make it to the end that day, but it was a good place to start figuring out my kit and taking my first shots. I hope I manage to go back at some point this year and try again.

Anywho, I suppose I'd better get some work done for today. Chocolate digestive, anyone?


Road through an avenue of trees.

Old Gorhambury Walk

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