Enter Sandman...

by Kelly Field March. 30, 2017 815 views

So yesterday I spent a good hour at work being Queen of the Iron Throne (that's the nice way of saying I had a bad IBS day). I haven't been that bad in a while, I can tell you. I made it through the rest of the day though without having to retreat home (I did that alot the first year), yay for little victories!

Understandably, I was somewhat exhausted last night. I've no memory of going to bed, my husband coming home, or even him leaving this morning. If it wasn't for the cats having a playfight on top of me I'd most likely still be fast asleep in my bed.

I'm back at my desk now and feeling a bit rough but it's okay. I've got my blanket and hot water bottle if I need them, it's all good. This lucky old lady - my woofty, Luna - however, did manage to go back to bed. Lucky pup!


Sleeping white German Shepherd Dog

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.

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