I Go Driving In My Car...

by Kelly Field April. 12, 2017 955 views

Happy Wednesday folks!

Thanks to some building work going on outside my office and the Easter Bank Holidays, I've got a 5 day weekend to look forward to. Woohoo! Great opportunity to get out with my camera and see what I can find to photograph.

In the meantime, I had an interesting commute this morning. While being driven in to work (ooo get her!) we were travelling down a road in a pretty poor condition, full of pot holes, crumbling speed bumps and the occasional crossing point. You don't speed down this road, not if you like your wheels aligned the way they should be. So, like considerate road users, we slow down for the speed bumps and stop for the crossing to let folk cross. Cue impatient taxi driver behind us who felt it necessary to honk at us every time we braked. Silly man shouldn't have been driving so close, honestly, the last person who got that close to my rear had to buy me a drink first!

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't be a selfish shellfish. We've all got places to be, bit of patience and we can get there together.


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