But I'm A Creep, I'm A Weirdo...

by Kelly Field May. 22, 2017 1427 views

Morning folks!

Project Garden began this weekend and we were messing about with mini diggers, fences, mud and turf. I also managed to squeeze in some time to teach the monkey how to make chocolate chip fairy cakes. All this means is I haven't had chance to go out and take any new pictures lately so you'll have to make do with what I've dug up from my archives.

Say 'Hi' to my Mom, being her usual self. Her t-shirt sums her up perfectly. She'll probably kill me for posting this picture but considering I took it over my shoulder,  in a moving car, no idea what was going on behind me, I'm quite pleased with what I captured. Love this crazy lunatic.


Pulling silly faces in cars.

See, kids? This is what happens when you drive fast with your head out of the window.

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