Make My Way Back Home When I Learn To Fly...

by Kelly Field June. 19, 2017 945 views

Hi folks,

What a scorcher of a weekend that was! I didn't manage to take any new shots for you as I spent most of my time hiding indoors. Momma Fuzzpuss does not like it hot!

I did briefly venture back to the runway to watch the planes though and met a new photographer there. After seeing his work (shameless plug incoming - I've learned that even though I'm a noobie, I really do need to up my game, not only in taking better shots but in editing them too.

So far I've been using Picasa because it's simple, free and I can't get my head around Adobe enough to be willing to pay for it yet. I know I've already posted this image but I thought I'd re-edit it in a different program, Corel Aftershot, and I'll admit I'm pretty pleased with the difference between this one and my first posting. I've still got a long way to go, but it's fun trying.

Stay cool out there, folks.


One Day I'll Fly Away version 2.

One Day I'll Fly Away version 2.

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Kelly Field Replied to Andi Saw 3 years, 3 months ago

Url doesn't work. What is it?

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