BATCAVE 25th Anniversary tour

by Belle Piec July. 11, 2008 2139 views

Batcave 25th Anniversary Tour - featuring fabulous dark freaks from all over the world, and fantastic bands SPECIMEN & Sex Gang Chilldren & Avoidance of Doubt featuring members of Killing Joke! Vauxhall London

we saw the sign….ohh the anticipation!

We're here!

stunning violin player, in the duet ‘The McCarricks’

and the cellist

awesome visuals playing between them

very interesting creatures of the night were lurking everywhere…

pink and black, my fave colour combination… impresseive hawk!

my dear friend Oli who accompanied me - we like to be silly…

aw! the love! :)

the beautiful Gen and I with Oli lurking…

fantastic style all around.. look at those bombs stenciled on his shirt! :D

Avoidance of a Doubt with members of Killing Joke

drummer in the amazing lights…

a stunning girl from Italy who resembled a pixie..

great wall hangings were painted up for the event

There was a hair and makeup girl in the loo's fixing this goth up…

portraits of freaks that I imagine used to frequent the original Batcave back in the 80s

strange installation art, those little glow in the dark spiders were great fun…

awesome freak on stilts surrounded by many more creatures of the fabulous…

another original piece I am sure, a light box Batcave coffin..

a new friend, with a great name I cannot remember!

red sequin blood… bizarre…

Oli and the LUSH..

To the Batcave!!

this guy on the left was off chops!

atmospheric colour mess

I just love the profile of a Mohawk.. in the shadows and

in the light… :)

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Belle Piec 11 years, 4 months ago


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Belle Piec 11 years, 4 months ago

thanks girl! :)

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