METALLICA live @ O2 stadium London

by Belle Piec September. 15, 2008 1395 views

Metallica play live at the O2 arena in North Greenwich, London launching their new LP ‘Death Magnetic’.
It went to number one in it's first week of release in London.
Many are saying it is a return to form for the band, one said it's the LP that should have come after Load, not as Hetfield said ‘ the much loved’ Saint Anger.. hee hee
*devils horns at the ready!*

People at the pre-party, these guys were in their own metal band called Nadir Rising (I think) - I'll go and see them soon! :)

This couple were also at the pre-party and really funny! They really took it literally when i said go siiick!! :D

these cool people were standing behind the special photo area I was in, at first looking at me enviously and then happy to smile! :)

Lars regularly got up and ran about his kit hitting various cymbals!

ahh Kirk, such a killer axe man and still looks cool as fuck!

The stage was in the centre of the arena, and while Lars rotated that drum rise around every half hour, the other guys just ran about and stood in front of many microphones placed all around the edges!
So it was rare to get them all in the one shot!

here he goes again…

oh, and he liked randomly yelling and spitting water on the crowd!

the new bass player is seriously one of the coolest men I have ever seen…

I love the shots of hands grabbing out of the darkness..

James Hetfield such a rock man… he told everyone to put their cameras and phones away and bloody get into the music!
He said ‘You can call your Mom’s later!'

They played a lot of new ones but a lot of great old ones.. I think this shot was taken during ‘Of Wolf and Man’…

I liked it how James would act out the lyrics occasionally, this was during the lyric ‘Cover my eyes…etc’ I think from ‘House that Jack Built’…

I do miss his long hair.

I love the sea of hands… RAWK!!!

growlie growlie Hetfieldy haha!!

I was *spewing* I missed him spurting the water inbetween these two shots!!

Hooray for teeth!

one of my fave shots…

This one is great, he looks like he is on fire! which I dare say he was.

I love the way the bass player is in front of the light here, captures his awesome hunched over, long haired cave man stomp look.

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