METALLICA live @ O2 stadium London

by Belle Piec September. 16, 2008 1342 views

the second batch of shots from Metallica live at O2 arena!

the O2 is MASSIVE!!!
There were filled seats right up to the roof, in that dark space at the top edges!

hair blowin', axe wielding mannnn!

he has a double shadow….

I love the light show… awesome..


soooo many people!!

the drumstick twirling god of blue light

this one really brings other things to mind…

Lars: I'm gonna hit you if you don't get out of my spotlight!

sharing the drum rise


all hail James Hetfield

most of my shots I noticed showed that the guys were really having fun, great stuff!

Kirk is plotting something dark…

Lars hails the god of illegal downloads!

throwing out guitar picks

she caught one… not on her tongue unfortunately… twas a cool after thought!

these giant black Metallica balls of various sizes dropped from the roof at the end..
this guy was very happy about his.

so were these two little'uns

afterwards everywhere you walked people were trying to flatten them out to get them home without someone biffing them out of their hands!
These guys were having a ball - literally! hahaa

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