A Day at the Museum

by Autumn February. 26, 2007 2000 views

Well yesterday was an eventful day for the girls and myself. Catherine had spent the weekend with us, and we decided to take a trip to the Museum of Natural Science, in Houston. It was an awesome place. The two exhibits we came to see were the frogs (A Symphony of Color) and the butterflies.

We first went to visit the butterflies, which I was really excited about. I thought it would prove to be a great photo op. It was, but my daughter had another thought in mind. She was terrified! Who knew that floaty, little butterflies could be so scary. We walked into the atrium, and as soon as the first butterfly flew by, Jocelyn screamed her lungs out! Of course, due to the structure of the building, it echoed throughout. It was all I could do to get her to go upstairs. Even after explaining that the butterflies only eat the fruit there, and that they will leave her alone, she still freaked out. She managed to calm enough to stop screaming every second, but Catherine escorted her out, shortly after that.

Abby, on the other hand was having a blast. I think she would have spent all day in there. She was climbing over rocks just to get to the butterflies. She even touched the specimens they had for the kids to look at. Her amazement made it all worth it.

After sweating to death in the butterfly exhibit (green house + waterfall + sunny day= really sweaty people) we headed over to the frog exhibit. This one Abby didn't really care for, because she couldn't ever really see the frogs. She just ran around. It's hard to point out a camoflauged frog to a toddler. Joci, on the other hand was enthralled. She obviously shares her mother's enthusiasm for frogs of all types. We enjoyed looking through the exhibit together.

Once finished with our day at the museum, we headed off to the airport and dropped Catherine off. It was a fun weekend, and hey! I even managed to get the oil changed! Thank God for inlaws. :)


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Felipe Adiers 13 years, 6 months ago

Great shots!

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