by Luke Pellen September. 13, 2007 2394 views

35mm film


i've got my Olympus 35 RC (35mm rangefinder) now :)

i've loaded it up with Kodak BW400CN black & white film, and am going to go snap happy using manual control and the “Sunny 16” rule. results should be interesting.

Sunny 16 rule: On a bright sunny day, set your shutter speed as close as possible to your film speed (eg 1/100th sec for ISO 100, 1/250th sec for ISO 200). Set your aperture to f/16. That's your basic guideline.

i've also got my Optika 500mm mirror telephoto lens for my SLR, which I am happy with - despite the fear of donut shaped bokeh ;)

lol… now i feel cool… being able to say “donut shaped bokeh” (look it up in google ;-)

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Pretz08 9 years, 12 months ago

love this one. great one

9 years, 12 months ago Edited
Trockk 10 years ago

nice shot

10 years ago Edited
Kate Alexandra 10 years ago

i love this picture!! its wonderful!

10 years ago Edited