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what i do and what i like:

Music. Art. Prose. Poetry. Playwright. Acting. Comedy. Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Life. Visualisation Programming (Milkdrop-WinAmp). Psychology. Cognition. Creativity. Logic. Poker. Chess. The Universe Itself. Dried bits of pineapple. Cheese. Wine. Goat herding stories. Things that, upon further investigation, are actually OTHER things. The Supernatural. The Natural. The Subnatural. Tarot. I-Ching. Linux. Compiz XGL. Fractals. Fantasy. Science Fiction. Mythology. Philosophy.

and I would like to add "photography".

CAMERAS: Canon A590-IS (compact digital), Pentax K1000 (35mm) SLR, Pentax ZX-5n (35mm) SLR, Pentax K100d dSLR, Olympus 35 RC (35mm rangefinder)


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