My Little Chickadee: Part 2

by Pete Fitzgetald August. 16, 2017 1195 views

OK so here we are with part 2 of my new family of Chickadee's that took up nesting residence in one of our yard decorations. This set of photos cover the week she laid her eggs and the hatching of the new winged seed eaters.

I tried to sneak up and take a photo of the eggs, but someone was home and she was not asking me in for coffee.

She let me know that baby photography was not need yet nor did she want house keeping coming in with fresh towels.

This a week or two after the eggs hatched, not a great shot, but I didn't want to disturb them so that Momma bird and leaves them behind.

Babies first breath of outside air.

As I was taking photos Dad came back with fresh grubs for the chicks

This one is from when I tried to get another shot and he swooped at me to say buzz off buddy...

Mom and one of the babies giving me the stink eye.

Tune in for Part 3, flying into view soon

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