Put me in Coach

by Pete Fitzgetald February. 15, 2019 370 views

Waiting their turns to get into the Great Seed game . . .

Please forgive my bird photos I have not been able to get out much, so this is what I have captured in the last couple of days.

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Camellia Staab 1 year, 3 months ago

I don't know what it is but there is something attractive about this pic. Might be the bokeh that was formed due to the growth in front of your lens or could be the colors I dunno, but definitely not need to apologize.

1 year, 3 months ago Edited
Pete Fitzgetald Replied to Camellia Staab 1 year, 3 months ago

Thank you Lady Camellia

1 year, 3 months ago Edited
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