How many is enough ?

by Jennifer Venter March. 02, 2017 721 views

Lady Liberty in Spring Blossom petticoat

Being a full time photographer, people often ask me 'so HOW MANY photos do you take when on holiday'.  And I always start my answer with a laugh as this is an excellent and appropriate question.  I was asked the same question yesterday by my oral hygienist whilst she had a myriad of dentistry tools and suctions in my mouth.  Thus my laugh turned out to be more of a gurgle in this case.  The short answer is actually not too many.  My Husband and I have a travelling rule which works very well i.e. we take some photos with my cell phone and that includes the obligatory selfies with our useful selfie stick  and then other images on my camera.  Both camera forms are only hauled out now and then to document and then put away. Travelling is an experience which needs to be savoured with all senses.  So if you permanently have a camera glued to your face, you can quite easily miss out on the most amazing things which remain in your memory forever.

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Jay Boggess 1 year, 4 months ago

Kool perspective! Good advice for the traveling shutterbug, as well! When exploring a new & unfamiliar area for the first time, on foot, I try to leave all my bulky camera gear behind & opt for my phone or mirrorless camera, so as not to impede my mobility/spontaneity.....

1 year, 4 months ago Edited