28 Days to go .... Emigration - handling the FAQ's

by Jennifer Venter October. 03, 2017 1440 views

Let me take you back (quite) a few years. The year was 1993, Whitney Houston was singing her number one hit "I will always love you" repeatedly on my trusty tiny Sony radio and life was full possibilities. I was given the huge opportunity to leave Durban on a promotion transfer to the big city of Johannesburg. I had never been there before but I saw this as a huge adventure. I had 2 weeks to pack my 1 suitcase and box, and grab my bus to the City of Gold. I remember people's reactions to this new life choice and the comments went along these verbatim lines 'Are you mad ? You are going to be killed there.' People thought that this would scare me but in fact it just made me more curious. I moved to Johannesburg and enjoyed 6 wonderful years in this amazing city.

So this rather long story takes me to my next adventure - our emigration to Panama, Central America. Since the last few posts have been quite heavy -I thought that I would share some FAQ's which have been thrown at us over the past few months.

At first my answers were serious but after the 150000th why, you need to come up with some funny answers - am I right or am I right ?

  • Q - Why there ? Answer - why not there ?
  • Q -Why now ? Answer - no time like the present
  • Q - Where is that ? Answer - Google is your friend, check it out. Or better yet, the pilot knows where to land (we hope)
  • Q -So that's close to Texas right ? Answer - errr nope further south. Central America is not the same as the United States of America. Same as Canada is also its own country.
  • Q - Do you know anyone there ? Answer - yes all my best friends from the internet/facebook.
  • Q - Where are you going to live ? Answer - a house or perhaps a hut.
  • Q - What happens there ? Answer - life...
  • Q - What is the climate like ? Answer - hot & dry or hot & wet
  • Q - What will you do there ? Answer - live
  • Q - Are you taking your furniture ? Answer - no, they have chairs there.
  • Q - Can you fit me in your bag ? Answer - sure, can you fit in a tog bag
  • Q - Are you running away ? Answer - nope we are running towards an adventure
  • Q - When are you coming back ? Answer - errr not....
  • Q - Why ?
  • Q - Why ?
  • Q - Why ?

Some people are curious, just curious whilst others think us stark raving mad, other are envious and wish they could totally change their lives. I believe that we are all Master of our own Destinies. We just need to take the wheel and drive.

Then on the flipside, we have been offered help from so many different and unexpected avenues. Even total strangers wishing us heart felt success, offering help or just those wanting to follow our story. The word that has popped up alot over the past few weeks is INSPIRE. So many of us live day to day almost in auto pilot not believing that there is more for us and our simple lives. I believe that "Impossible is nothing" - Muhammed Ali. So many people have told me that I inspired them to travel/to start their own business/to get out of the comfort zone. All it takes is the first step.

So what is stopping you from taking your very first step ?

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Ram Ya 1 year ago

Best of luck, Jennifer! I am eager to hear from the new country. I am sure you will make that a success too +1

1 year ago Edited
Jay Boggess 1 year ago

Good advice! Best of luck & good wishes!

1 year ago Edited
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