Panama - Photo opportunities everywhere.....

by Jennifer Venter November. 18, 2017 1351 views
Photo taken by myself

Photo taken by myself

Have you ever been somewhere, where time does not seem important ? Where watches and clocks are rare sights and everything seems to revolve around sunrise, sunset and how hard it is raining.

Potrerillos, Panama - Photo taken by myself

Potrerillos, Panama - Photo taken by myself

We are currently house-sitting a beautiful place in an area called Potrerillos in the northern, mountainous region of Panama. This area is more rural where roads range from tar to sort of tar roads, then gravel roads and then finally the rock mud roads. There are pockets of houses here and there but the vegetation far outnumbers people, cars and homes. Since we are currently in the hot and wet season (which lasts 9 months - yes you read right), the country is amazingly green and lush with bright colours.

Raindrops.  Photo taken by me

Raindrops. Photo taken by me

Most everyday, the day starts off sunny, hot and incredibly humid and generally by lunchtime the clouds come together in a menacing grey mass and the heavens open. The rain continues for sometimes minutes and sometimes hours. The sound of the rain beating on the tin roof is soothing and puts one into an afternoon nap in record time. The smell of the wet earth is quite intoxicating and incredibly beautiful to watch. Since we moved here from a city currently in a major drought, the abundance of rain is a true blessing.

Water water everywhere.  Photo taken by me

Water water everywhere. Photo taken by me

Although it is a huge adjustment to move to a brand new country and continent, we are slowly settling into our new land. Panama's main language is Spanish with very few folks that speak English, so simple tasks that should take 5 minutes take us a lot longer e.g. buying groceries, refueling or paying bills. One person we met during the week said that each new experience or task to be fulfilled becomes an "adventure". With patience, determination and a sense of humour, the tasks get completed and I have definitely come to realise that a smile goes a long way. So with that in mind, let me finish off this post.

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Stay Fabulous !!

Much love, Jennifer of Fleetingtime

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Jay Boggess 3 years, 3 months ago

Glad to hear you are getting acclimated to your new home! My most favorite thing about travel, is that everything seems brand new and is of interest, unlike the routine for which we had become accustomed. Even the most, typically mundane, daily chores & obligations take on interesting quirks & challenges....
Also, glad you're are so generously including us in your adventures, as well!
Rock On!!!

3 years, 3 months ago Edited
Jennifer Venter Replied to Jay Boggess 3 years, 3 months ago

Well said !!! :)

3 years, 3 months ago Edited
Jay Boggess Replied to Jennifer Venter 3 years, 3 months ago

Thank You!

3 years, 3 months ago Edited