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by Jennifer Venter December. 04, 2017 665 views
Electricity metre outside each home

Electricity metre outside each home

Over my lifetime, I have gone through rationing with electricity and rationing with water. Each time, I would always agree with myself that I would rather have electricity rationing than water rationing.

When we arrived at our house-sitting spot in the more rural side of Panama, we were shown how the back up systems work {“in case the electricity goes off”}. During our first week, the electricity off, and I mentioned this to a local resident who said with no malice that ‘the power may come on quickly or not LOL.’. My Husband and I thought that this was an interesting comment. But we soon learnt that this was rather an accurate comment.

Bearing in mind that not all houses have electricity and / or water but if one looks at the houses that do have electricity, you will find most of these homes are kitted out with propane gas for the geyser, tumbler drier and stove as well as a generator and then more basic ideas like candles and battery charged lights.

On some days the electrical supply is constant with no interruptions and then other days, it may go off for a few minutes or a few hours (in one case almost 8 hours). So we understand full well the importance of other energy supplies as well as never taking anything for granted.

Stay Fabulous ! Have a beautiful week ahead !

Much Love, Fleetingtime

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Jay Boggess 1 year, 9 months ago

Bet it really makes you appreciate it when it works! Always good to have back up & even back up to the back up.....right??? Enjoy your adventure!

1 year, 9 months ago Edited
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