What does Creative mean to You ?

by Jennifer Venter February. 28, 2018 923 views

For 74% of my lifetime, I have worked in an office. Yes you read right. 74% and no I am not 105 years old. From childhood onwards, I would help in my Mum's office with general admin. But to my vast surprise and my Mum's (I think), I realised that I was a natural administrator and loved their challenges and variety. So naturally when I found my first permanent job at aged 17, it was in the admin world within the financial industry and therein started my next journey.

Photography was always within me from a young age but it was never a career choice which I actively pursued, mainly because I had to pay rent and I also felt that I did not quite have what it took. But thankfully things changed, I grew taller and my acumen towards the creative side of my brain grew stronger. Whenever creative projects cropped up within my corporate world, I would be the first one to throw my hat into the ring and I loved it more and more since being an artist has no boundaries. Dare I refer to Picasso on this point ?

When I started my own photography company, I fell naturally into the creative and administrative side of running the business. Today I was creating a new banner for my facebook business page and thought to myself, how fortunate am I to be able to multitask within my own world and love every task as much as the next. From the admin, marketing, financial, photography and finally editing - everything gets done by Me Myself and I.

So now for my question - what does being Creative mean to you ? Does this mean photography, arts and crafts, or something else ? Hope to hear from you in the comments below. Feel free to share my post.

Much Love from a sunny dry Panama.

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