Dont let opportunies pass by ...

by Jennifer Venter May. 03, 2018 376 views
Young Mum nesting

Young Mum nesting

The story behind this image ...

I just had to share the behind the scenes of this image.  This little lady has made her nest under our zinc roof which covers our home's laundry area.  The one day I was putting the laundry into the machine, when I felt eyes watching me, so naturally I turned around to see what it was.  At first I could not see anything human or animals, and then something said look up and there she was up above me watching me with 100% concentration.

Each day, I say a quick hello to her and vow today is the day I am taking a photo of her.  So finally yesterday I climbed up on our industrial sized tumble drier and did my best through burglar bars to capture her image before her kids grow and her home is no longer needed in that spot.  Even as I was taking her image, she calmly watched me with kind eyes.  I am sure when I jumped down with camera in hand, she had a good giggle to herself and perhaps even shared her strange experience with the other bird Mums.

Anyway, I do hope that this post inspires YOU to do something different and 'out there' before an opportunity passes you by.

Much love, Fleetingtime

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