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by Jennifer Venter June. 19, 2018 985 views
This is the best way to start or end any day.  Photo Credit : Fleetingtime - Jennifer Venter

This is the best way to start or end any day. Photo Credit : Fleetingtime - Jennifer Venter

Packing made easy

I used to be an overpacker. I would have one big suitcase with multi pockets, one rucksack / camera bag and my hand bag. I always had this nagging voice in my head asking me what if ?

What if :

  • I need to dress up for a black tie affair (yeh right ? )
  • Fall in mud (HUH ?)
  • Want to lounge around but may have visitors (like who ? The Papparazzi?)
  • I cannot find these creams/medicines/cough lozenges where I am heading.

And yes, to some degree you need to think similar to those lines above especially if perhaps you are going to remote Guyana to do some gold mining with Parker Schnabel. But then that rucksack would contain more snake/bug/crocodile type answers than what outfit do I need to wear.

When my Husband and I went on our first overseas trip in 2014, he said we needed to have two hiking rucksacks and then we can move around freely from subways to ferries to buses. Well, I thought that I may just need to check his mental history and how ON this green earth would I fit all my essentials,well what I thought to be essential, into this hiking bag. The more I looked at the bag, the more I thought this would be impossible, especially since there would be snow. Where would I fit my long boots and winter woollies ?

As is the Jennifer way, I started doing some research on how to pack and WHAT to pack. The more research I did the more I thought WOW this actually can be done and even with practice be perfected. I am still new to these skills but over the last four years and many overseas trips AND an immigration later, I think that I have come up with a few tips which may help you. As I said earlier if you are going to a remote village in the middle of nowhere, then do more packing research, but if you are heading to a location that has basic shops, running water and electricity then continue reading below.

Tips to help you pack like a PRO :

  • Analyse : Priority items ? What can I personally carry ?
  • Based on above : Choose your luggage type e.g. suitcase, rucksack, tog bag.
  • Fit all your personal hygiene items into a medium sized zipped toiletry bag.
  • Use complimentary hotel toiletries to reduce your luggage weight.
  • Decant toiletry items into smaller labelled travel bottles.
  • If you run out, then you can buy a travel sized version at a local shop.
  • Any toiletries which are prone to leaking, pack in a Ziploc bag.
  • Place your packed toiletry bag into a plastic bag just in case of leakages.
  • Essential make up go into a small zipped bag. Pack multi use items.
  • Decant essential medicine into small containers.
  • Keep in branded foil wrappers so that they are identifiable.
  • Pack fold up items e.g. fold up brush, fold up travel hairdryer.
  • Pack a small camping style fold up cutlery set.
  • This is such a life saver as eating with plastic utensils is downright miserable.
  • Use your cell phone for communication, photography and entertainment.
  • Remember the charger, powerbank and earphones.
  • Note emergency info in a notebook, should your cell phone fall into a pond.
  • Money wise : carry different forms i.e. cash, credit card, travel card, etc.
  • Choose one pair of shoes that will cover all your needs.
  • If you are really stuck, pack a 2nd smaller pair.
  • Colour co-ordinate your outfits.
  • Co-ordinate bottoms and tops to maximise as many outfits as possible.
  • Pack outfits in sets i.e. underwear + socks + accessories + top + bottom and then roll together.

Whilst on holiday

  • Wash small items every day with a small hand wash soap.
  • Every 3rd day hand or machine wash your larger items.
  • Many hotels offer self service coin operated washing machines and driers.
  • Else most areas have self service laundromats which are far cheaper than asking a hotel to wash your clothing for you.
  • If you wash often, then you don’t need to carry much clothing.

I hope that this blog post has helped you with your packing worries. Real Simple also has an amazing article to give more guidance.

Leave me a comment below with your travel tips.

Happy Travelling !!

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Jay Boggess 2 years, 9 months ago

Great info! Thanks!

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Thank you for reading my latest post.  Hope you are doing well!

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Always a pleasure!

All is well on my end! Hope you're loving to your new life!!!



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Things are chugging along this side.  If you would like to send an email : [email protected]

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