China: Next chapter

by Jennifer Venter November. 02, 2018 630 views

Often objects, people and situations are in the eye of the beholder. For some the image above may seem oh so boring, but for me - it speaks to me. This is a portion of an old road in Memphis which shows years of history under a tar layer.

When we were leaving South Africa to move to our new home in Panama (Central America), many thought we were insane but to us this was a start of a fabulous adventure. This past year in Panama has contained a range of emotions but all in all it has been an awesome year.

This past week, a huge opportunity came our way which we could not refuse. So this means in a few weeks time, once all the legal paperwork is done, we shall be off to China. Yes, you read right. The next few weeks shall be filled with selling, packing, paperwork and then many travelling hours.

I hope that you will follow our journey.

Much Love


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