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by Jennifer Venter February. 21, 2019 405 views
Wushengde in Foshan, China

Wushengde in Foshan, China

We all need a helping hand. We may think that we are tough, independent and self sufficient humans. But we all need help.

Whether this help is simple or advanced, we still need to find a way to ask for that help. I have been reading an amazing inspirational e-book called "Real Artists don't starve" by Jeff Goins and just by the way, if you have not read this book - get it now !!

This book has seriously got me thinking about myself and how I do things. I always want to be helpful to others but how often do I ask for help? I am sure that I may have asked many times (in a round about fashion) but if I think about situations where I have formally asked someone for help over my lifetime - it may only amount to a handful.

We all feel that we can only ask for help if things are serious or things are falling apart. Perhaps we are watching too many films and intervention type sitcoms, that we feel life is up to us to handle. Whilst this is true in some respects, sometimes we just need a small amount of help in the form of (and not limited to) :

  • a sounding board
  • a muse
  • a model for our next photo shoot idea / tutorial / content
  • a creative we can share our vision/art with
  • a friend to have coffee with and laugh about the last week (good or bad)
  • a parent who can just tell us that everything is going to be ok (even if we only split milk on the kitchen floor)

We all want to be superheroes and I believe that each of us are just that, but each superhero also has a side kick. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. Makes you think doesn't it ? Don't shoulder everything alone!

As my one wise friend told me "Everyone wants to help, so let them."

What are your thoughts on this subject? Leave me a comment below.

Be Fabulous!

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