What would you tell your younger self?

by Jennifer Venter October. 04, 2019 795 views
Me as the budding model: Amanzimtoti, Natal, South Africa 1985 | Photo Credit: G Mitchell

Me as the budding model: Amanzimtoti, Natal, South Africa 1985 | Photo Credit: G Mitchell

As a little change of pace for this week's blog, I thought that I would write something small from the heart.

I have often heard of the idea of "writing a letter to my younger self". So I thought that I would have a go at this concept and see what happens. It is definitely food for thought.

Here are a few things that I would tell my much younger self:

  • People are going to call you Jenny, don't let them.
  • Your Mom knows a lot, listen to her as much as you can - better yet, take notes.
  • When your Mom asks to spend more time with you, agree. You can do your homework a little later.
  • When your Mom suggests dance lessons, give it a try.
  • When your Mom offers to teach you to drive, say Yes thank you!
  • You CAN do Maths, keep practising.
  • You CAN learn a new language, don't give up.
  • Before saying a quick "No" to new opportunities, rather say "I shall sleep on it."
  • Stubbornness gets you nowhere, literally.
  • All your studying and working after school is going to pay off, so keep at it.
  • Your Dad may live far away but try to speak to him more often.
  • You will eventually love spinach, so don't worry.
  • You are not good at sports, but that's ok.
  • Keep your camera close and keep practising.

Even when we may think that we haven't come a long way, we actually have.

Things have happened the way they were supposed to and at the time they were meant to.

“All my dreams will be fulfilled at the proper time.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

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Jay Boggess 1 year, 7 months ago

Cute image of the "younger you"! Great advice!smile

1 year, 7 months ago Edited
Jennifer Venter Replied to Jay Boggess 1 year, 6 months ago

Thank you so much Jay.

1 year, 6 months ago Edited
Jay Boggess Replied to Jennifer Venter 1 year, 6 months ago

Always a Pleasure, Amiga!

1 year, 6 months ago Edited
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