Sesame lime rice... And lobster!!

by Erica Deb February. 12, 2012 12905 views

I really wanted to go out to celebrate Valentines Day, but it was on a Tuesday this year. Tuesdays Sattik doesn't come home from work until around 10:30, so that was out. I was grocery shopping with my mom the week before and saw frozen lobster tails on sale. I grabbed them, called Sattik and told him I was going to make him a lobster dinner the Sunday before V day as his gift. This way we got to have a really delicious meal, cheaper than we could out and about (2 lobster tails each for $27!) and we could spend the night with Tessa rather than sending her off to my parents' house. Best of all worlds!

I have never cooked lobster before, and didn't even have a steamer and had to go buy one special. I found a recipe for lobsters steamed over beer that turned out to be really easy and really yummy. And of course we melted a ton of butter to go with them. (Side note: Lobster is really low in Weight Watchers points, but the butter sure does make up for it!)

On the side I made this rice recipe that I got out of Every Day Food. It was amazing. 5 out of 5. And so easy. All you do is cook white rice, I used Jasmin since that is what we usually have in the house. After it is done you add a tablespoon of oil, I used olive and a splash of sesame oil, lime juice and zest and toasted sesame seeds. It was so amazing. Really fresh and citrus flavored with a satisfying crunch from the sesame seeds. It went amazingly well with the lobster and some steamed snap peas.

Happy Valentines!

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