2019 Calendar Workshop

(Lisa Britton) #1

Hi All, Several months ago some of us had discussed working on a calendar for 2019. I know it might seem a little early, but I think it would be nice to have one completed by mid-November at the latest, and that will be here before we know it.

If anyone is still interested let’s see if we can find a way to put our thoughts together and create a thoughtful and unique calendar for next year. One of my big complaints this year was the repeat prompts. Let’s work together and create something that we will enjoy working with.

If you are just joining in, follow these steps to submit ideas to 2019 365 Project.

  1. Click the reply button and submit your ideas (please avoid what is already in the master list)
  2. Leave room for interpretations. Be creative, you can use phrases or single words for themes.
  3. Dates. If your theme is for a specific date or month, put that in brackets next to the idea. Please keep in mind that we are a global community. So seasons and festivities may not apply to all.

@lisa or @canon6d will add your ideas to the master list below.

Project 365 - 2019 Master List

January Day Idea
1 Tuesday Celebrate
2 Wednesday Bubbles
3 Thursday Zoom In
4 Friday Your Weather
5 Saturday Review of Last Year
6 Sunday Frozen
7 Monday Dreams
8 Tuesday C is For
9 Wednesday Stairs
10 Thursday Scarf
11 Friday Post 2 photos 1 in Color 1 in B&W
12 Saturday Sunrise
13 Sunday Big
14 Monday Cozy
15 Tuesday Hat
16 Wednesday Hot Drink
17 Thursday Circles
18 Friday Hugs
19 Saturday Popcorn
20 Sunday Sleep
21 Monday Blue
22 Tuesday Handwriting
23 Wednesday Your Favorite Pie
24 Thursday Dark
25 Friday Use Your Imagination
26 Saturday Friends
27 Sunday Cold
28 Monday Macro Monday
29 Tuesday Movement
30 Wednesday Oranges (Fruit)
31 Thursday A Beautiful Sight
February Day Idea
1 Friday Red
2 Saturday 3pm
3 Sunday Superbowl Sunday - What Did You Do
4 Monday Your Town
5 Tuesday Chinese New Year
6 Wednesday D is For
7 Thursday Clouds
8 Friday Laugh
9 Saturday Fuzzy
10 Sunday
11 Monday Lips
12 Tuesday Sweet
13 Wednesday Heart
14 Thursday Love
15 Friday Kiss
16 Saturday Your Idea of Romantic
17 Sunday
18 Monday
19 Tuesday
20 Wednesday
21 Thursday
22 Friday
23 Saturday
24 Sunday
25 Monday Macro Monday
26 Tuesday
27 Wednesday
28 Thursday
March Day Idea
1 Friday
2 Saturday
3 Sunday
4 Monday
5 Tuesday
6 Wednesday
7 Thursday
8 Friday
9 Saturday
10 Sunday
11 Monday
12 Tuesday
13 Wednesday
14 Thursday
15 Friday
16 Saturday
17 Sunday
18 Monday
19 Tuesday
20 Wednesday
21 Thursday
22 Friday
23 Saturday
24 Sunday
25 Monday
26 Tuesday
27 Wednesday
28 Thursday
29 Friday
30 Saturday
31 Sunday
April Day Idea
1 Monday
2 Tuesday
3 Wednesday
4 Thursday
5 Friday
6 Saturday
7 Sunday
8 Monday
9 Tuesday
10 Wednesday
11 Thursday
12 Friday
13 Saturday
14 Sunday
15 Monday
16 Tuesday
17 Wednesday
18 Thursday
19 Friday
20 Saturday
21 Sunday
22 Monday
23 Tuesday
24 Wednesday
25 Thursday
26 Friday
27 Saturday
28 Sunday
29 Monday
30 Tuesday
May Day Idea
1 Wednesday
2 Thursday
3 Friday
4 Saturday
5 Sunday
6 Monday
7 Tuesday
8 Wednesday
9 Thursday
10 Friday
11 Saturday
12 Sunday
13 Monday
14 Tuesday
15 Wednesday
16 Thursday
17 Friday
18 Saturday
19 Sunday
20 Monday
21 Tuesday
22 Wednesday
23 Thursday
24 Friday
25 Saturday
26 Sunday
27 Monday
28 Tuesday
29 Wednesday
30 Thursday
31 Friday
June Day Idea
1 Saturday
2 Sunday
3 Monday
4 Tuesday
5 Wednesday
6 Thursday
7 Friday
8 Saturday
9 Sunday
10 Monday
11 Tuesday
12 Wednesday
13 Thursday
14 Friday
15 Saturday
16 Sunday
17 Monday
18 Tuesday
19 Wednesday
20 Thursday
21 Friday
22 Saturday
23 Sunday
24 Monday
25 Tuesday
26 Wednesday
27 Thursday
28 Friday
29 Saturday
30 Sunday

(Ram Ya) #2

Hey Lisa,

Is this for the 365 project?

Would love to contribute in anyway I can. I have some experience using Canva (graphic Design) and formatting calendars into Google Calendar format (for people to be able to import into Google if they want). Please let me know more info and how I can help.

(Lisa Britton) #3

That would be great. Hopefully we can get enough of us together to help create an interesting and a little different 365 Calendar that will help to get people interested.

(Ram Ya) #4

I can create a Google Spreadsheet with edit access to all of us here. We can then get members to contribute as much as they can. Or is there a better way?

(Lisa Britton) #5

Not really sure. I was thinking maybe we could get a forum where we could set up a chat line and see what ideas everyone has and go from there. I think one of the main things is to avoid repeat prompts and try to tie in some fun and maybe wacky holiday themes, food ideas had been mentioned as well.

(Ram Ya) #6

Hi Lisa,

Forum idea is probably a lot more fun than this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ud-WWzfg_lH8Lu-ETqtNMey7epUVDNJxqaOzMNkuEw4/edit?usp=sharing

Please let me know your thoughts.

(Lisa Britton) #7

Yes, but so far no one is responding so I am not sure how to get everyone involved. Ideas?

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #8

I followed the link and was a little bit confused, because I don’t know, if I have to write down ideas right into the calendar?

(Lisa Britton) #9

Hi Sigrud, Glad to have you here just trying to get some of us together to work on the 365 for next year. Would like to make it a little more interesting and try to keep out any repeat prompts. Please keep an eye out for our next step.

(Russell Smith) #10

This is also something that I would like to help with . I think maybe we could use the forum for inital input and then move it over to the calendar when it is close to being finalized . There is also apps like discord (free) that we could use to discuss the calendar .

(Lisa Britton) #11

That sounds great Russell.

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #12

I searched for my last years suggestions and did some changes - maybe it would be a possibility to start with:

We could 12 days of every month fill with this 12 main topics

  • 12 x nature,
  • 12 x food,
  • 12 x landscape,
  • 12 x streetphotography,
  • 12 x stills,
  • 12 x portaits
  • 12 x travel,
  • 12 x macro,
  • 12 x colors,
  • 12 x light,
  • 12 x monochrome,
  • 12 x art/abstract,

… but every month should the topic have a little photographic “challenge” (angle, bokeh …) some different twist as an icing on the cake.

The remaining days we fill up with random ideas from different topics:

  • time
  • numbers
  • books
  • reflexions
  • position of camera/photographer,
  • movement/speed
  • geometric form
  • wood
  • fire
  • earth
  • wind

I’m sure everyone will have some ideas, what was missing last year, what could be interesting and what the one special thing he/she loves most to photograph.

Maybe some challenges about abstract terms/concepts like:

  • love
  • hate
  • fun
  • freedom
  • mind

could be interesting too and not easily to archieve.

(Heidi Egerman) #13

Love these ideas Sigrid!

(Ram Ya) #14

Yes, seems like the forum is a better place for this. Maybe we should have some instructions on the first post on which format to use for submissions? I like @strohschneider-laue idea as well. Maybe @unicornlover can put some instructions for everyone to follow. Please consider the idea from @andisaw as well (I’ll see why she can’t login here)

(Ram Ya) #15

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #16

Yes, Lisa is absolutely right about that. I gave this tip some thoughts.

Maybe we could skip most of the usual festivities and holiday stuff, which everybody will post from time to time without following the calendar.

Instead we could suggest - maybe in the middle of every month - a special event of the month. That would provide the possibility to post all kind of celebrations or events without religious or national preferences. I would like to see some more festivities besides Christmas! :wink:
To ask for more pictures around festivities would be more problematic. It would only cause more problems, because even more photographers would struggle to do the calendar.

Except for the first and the last day of the year - as the start and the end of a 365 project, I would favorite the idea of new goals for the year ahead and thinking about the past or the best picture of the year at the last day of the year.

I have in mind, what @mukhamani wrote in October 2017:
“we don’t have four seasons, we have only two! In my place, in coastal South India, we have only two seasons, Monsoon season and summer. We do not have any winter at all. The rains begin in June and they have stopped now. There is a lot of greenery. Once the main monsoon season stops and there just occasional rains, we get to see a lot of wild flowers. They are small and beautiful.”

Even a shared world isn’t the same for everybody at every time in every place!

(Lisa Britton) #17

I really like the idea of Best Picture of the year. I think to help keep track we should have a best of the week, and then at the end of the month each weeks would be voted on for the month. At the end of the year we could then choose from the 12 pictures (1 from each month) and have our overall winner.

Ram has done a great job creating a January calendar for us to work on. He started it out with celebrate and I added some other ideas. (Started to get carried away) stopped and would love to see what ideas everyone else has. If you have a different idea on a day with an idea on it put a / and your new idea next to the already posted idea and we can go from there.

I love all the group participation!

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #18

But there could be a problem: every month a picture will be posted twice or it has to be made clear it is not necessary to pick one of the already posted pictures, but a complete different of the month. There has to be precise verbalization to make this point clear.

It had to be something like free choice of best picture of July.

Maybe it should be mentioned on some post/text around the calender, that at the end of the year, everybody, who does this 365 project, will have selected 12 pictures as his/her best pictures. It would be like a second target besides doing a 365 project. It would be easy for everybody to do something else (print calendar …) with this 12 pictures.

It’s just a second thought, but @canon6d would it be possible to do something like a challenge of 2019 for this 365-people? -Maybe something like a post in category “Learn” about the best pictures of the year at the end of the year?**

(Ram Ya) #19

I remember when we first started 365 project Tiffany came up with the idea of asking everyone (including on other platforms like IG and FB) to tag all their posts with #photoblog365 this way she could select best of the week/month by browsing all the tags. I would love to do this but my hands are full at the moment with the official blog and a bit of development work. Would anyone like to volunteer to do this? We can simply create a post on /learn blog with format “X beautiful photos from 365 project - January 2019”. It would be amazing to see what people all over the world do with this tiny project of ours. If anyone wants to help, I can provide an author account at /learn. All you have to do is browse 3 platform links (PB, IG, FB) for the hashtag URL and select 10 best photos from the month and list them in a post with credits. I can provide full guidance and create a workflow to help.

Sigrid, do you mean like a post to introduce the Challenge of 2019 i.e. Tell people about the special date of the month where they could post their best photo? On the same subject, perhaps maybe it would be best to include 'Best photo of the month" in the last week of the month?

What would be a good theme for January, Sigrid? Or did you wanted to mix up the main topics within a month?

While we are thinking about that, I’ll take a shot at 12 x nature category

  1. Nature’s peace ( leaving some room for interpretation, this could be your garden, a path, or a view )
  2. A body of water (ocean, lakes)
  3. Insect world
  4. On a walk today
  5. Spiderweb
  6. Sunset
  7. Flower closeup
  8. Wildlife

I’ll leave the last 4 to someone else. Please do let me know what you all think.

(Lisa Britton) #20

Ram I like your nature ideas:

I have sunrise listed for January so it looks like we only need 3 more:

Birds, Your neighborhood, Earth