2019 Calendar Workshop

(Lisa Britton) #41

Helen posts a Weekly theme that many of us participate in. She does a great job and it gives us another avenue and a way to focus on a pacific idea.

(Lisa Britton) #42

Here is “a New Day or to a New Year”

(Ram Ya) #43

Welcome, Anna!
Here’s a link to the 2018 365 Project calendar.
Thanks for the ideas and explanation, Lisa will be using some of them for the February 2019 list.

Are we using 12 days of main topics or 7 days of technical topics for January, or should we start that from February? I am fine with either. If you decide to do this in February, I can change the guidelines in your post a bit to match that.

For example, we can say for February, please help us with 12 ideas under "X’ theme and 7 ideas under ‘Y’ technical theme. We can fill the rest of the days with general ideas.


(Lisa Britton) #44

We are using an idea from each of the suggested topics, ie color, nature, technical, food, landscape, etc. We will fill in with extra topics and ideas each month. Some months we will try a 3, 5 or maybe even a 7 day challenge. I would like to try and get the months set up and then review everything as a whole, check and make sure we don’t have any duplicate ideas and get photos to go with each month.

(Lisa Britton) #45

I finished January, would love some feed back!

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #46

there is more than one day food involved - the year starts for many people with the wish to loose some weight!!! :grin:
Spaghetti, Pie, Hot Drink, Popcorn, Oranges

A little bit to similar are as well
Frozen, Cold

Maybe there should be more days between:
Sunrise, Weather - they are following one day after another.
Maybe you can move one or the othe to the next month?

Two more ideas came up
Magnifying glass
Playing with fire

(Ram Ya) #47

Thank you, Lisa :slight_smile:
I added the month of February to your post, please have a look to see if that’s OK.
Should we keep February ideas to certain themes at first (12 days, or 7 days technical)?

(Anna Molly) #48

Thank you @canon6d, very much appreciated!

(Lisa Britton) #49

Not my first choice - I like the diversity of January, I will do a 7 day theme of some sort and see what everyone thinks of it.

I will touch up January, Sigrid thought there were to many food prompts and had a couple of other suggestions so I will play with it.

(Lisa Britton) #50

Sigrid I have made some changes to January - It looks good to me.

I have gotten a small start on Feb.

(Russell Smith) #51

Low Angle
Architecture or Architectural element
Golden Hour ( I love wintertime light and afternoon/morning light in winter)

(Camellia) #52

I like the changes you made to January @unicornlover but I do like the idea of having a weekly “theme” rather than a daily topic. I believe it gives the photographer more focus…“this week I am going to work on… and make improvements”. I’ve been following this tutorial and the first suggestion has been to create a photographers journal…adding photos of the same thing for X number of consecutive days, but using different angles or light or…the point being that by the end of the “term” you can look at all the photos and actually be able to see what worked, and what did not work…being your own critique. And so my thinking is that if we did a “theme” be it for one week or 12 days or…by the end of the “term” we could actually see our progress or not and could even get feedback from others. Just a thought. :smile:

(Lisa Britton) #53

Thanks Camellia,
I am working on a 7 day idea for February, but am having difficulty with some ideas. Maybe take a look and see what you think,

(Russell Smith) #54

Low Angle or below
Artificial Light (source) ie lamp led light cell phone light flash ect .
High Key Not sure how to fit this into a room .

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #55

Yes, I like @camellia’s idea of a “weekly theme”! Lisa, you already picked another one for February without naming it on sunday before Valentines Day but after the big event: Your Idea of Romantic (just change the date - 10 instead of 16 February).
If you change it, you could all this sweet, heart, love, kiss - maybe there will be more (letter, present) - give a colorful photographic twist - every day a little bit more - like

  • silhoutte
  • monochrome
  • just one color
  • a shade of pink
  • all red

(Camellia) #56

@unicornlover I believe @russsmith’s addition would work great for the Feb.17 onward theme

(Camellia) #57

@russsmith I think the high key would entail light or even post edit.

(Lisa Britton) #58

Hi Ram,

Sorry for not being around for the last several weeks. My mother has been very ill and had to have emergency surgery and I work 10-12 hours a day. Something had to take a back seat and unfortunately Photoblog was the victim.
However, I am on my way to getting everything back on track. If you could set up the rest of the year for me I will get the year finished by the 15th. I apologize for the delay in getting this finished but will work on it over the next several days. Thank you

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #59

Nice to have you back! I hope your mother (and you!) are well again. I understand you completely, because my mother (86) and my father (93) are in constand need of a lot of help since 2014.
Please take care of yourself too …

(Lisa Britton) #60

Thank you Sigrid. She is still in a rehab hospital recovering.