2019 Calendar Workshop

(Lisa Britton) #61

Hi Ram,

I have been trying to finish the 2019 calendar but have not been able to access it. I also left you a message to see if you could add the remaining months. Please let me know the status - Thanks

(Ram Ya) #62

Welcome back, Lisa! I hope your mom has a speedy recovery.
Thank you for thinking of us while you are going through a lot.

Did you want me to add the rest of the months to the first post of this thread? (I just added up to May). I also shared the Google spreadsheet with your Hotmail address. Not sure if that is what you meant.

(Lisa Britton) #63

Thanks Ram, however it still will not let me edit them. Not sure what is up!

(Ram Ya) #64

Lisa, just sent a PM. Please have a look.

(George Kunschman) #65

I am very interested on the final calendar. Will a notice be in the Weekly Recap I receive on email?

(Russell Smith) #66

I know the last couple of years there was a link that we could download the calendar and save it . Not sure if it will be the same this year but I would imagine it would be the same .

(Lisa Britton) #67

Yes it will be. I just finished it and Ram is making the final finishes to it.

Should be ready for everyone by next week.