2020 prompt calendar

(Sherry Hill) #1

i haven’t seen anything written about next years prompt calendar… any one know anything? even if i don’t follow it every day… i still like the prompts to get me thinking outside of my norm…

(Helen Anders) #2

Hi! Just wondering the same thing about the 2020 prompt calendar.

(Lisa Britton) #3

Hi All, Sorry I missed most of last year.
But I am back and ready to roar into the 20’s.
I am using the list provided under the Learn tab - 395 Photo Themes.
I am just following the first 365. Join me using this list if you want.

(Lisa Britton) #4

So here is a funny…
Upon looking further down the list I realize that the list is the one I created for last Year…mmmm.
So I will work on creating a new 365 for this year and will try to have it available within the next week or so.

(Sherry Hill) #5

hey Lisa… if you get around to making, or posting a 365, cool… i participated perhaps 75% last year… it’s nice to have a prompt…
and i’m happy to see you back hon… :slight_smile:

(Ian Hecht) #6

I used the prompts from the last couple of years to fill in a calendar at https://calendar.google.com/calendar?cid=dnZsZmRlYjFpYzEzbWZpbzV2dmUwNWNqZjBAZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ if you want to use it.