500 px wide issue

(Calum Page) #1

I am sorry if this sounds completely dense, but I am having problems uploading some of my favourite shots because hey are not at least ‘500 px wide’. I don’t know what thsi actually means nor how to do anything abut it.

Please help me understand and offer a fix is possible.

Thank you!

(Piotr Matura) #2

Hello Calum,
First of all, nice to meet you and have a great time here on PhotoBlog!

As for your question - were the images you are trying to upload scaled down to smaller dimensions? “500px wide” should just mean that your photo width is smaller than this mentioned 500px. Unless you or the software you are using changed the dimensions of the image, it should be much bigger than than. For example iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 have camera with 12Mpix resolution, which translates to dimensions of 4032x3024 px (width and height). Most of current cameras should have at least that resolution.
That is why I suspect that maybe PB have some trouble with recognizing your files or maybe with their format (are they in JPG format?)
If you can, please post more info and we will figure it out :wink:

(Calum Page) #3

Hi Piotr

Thanks for the reply.

I think that the issue is that I have cropped some of my images previously and therefore made them too narrow. Would this make sense?

It’s a pity because I feel that some of the shots are worth sharing.

At least now I know for the future.

(Piotr Matura) #4

Hi Calum,
I think that cropping the images could have made them too small for upload. One way to go around this would be to scale them to bigger size in some image editing software. But you must expect drop in quality and never scale to more than 500px width, to keep this drop in quality minimal.
I hope this will be some help for you. Take care! :slight_smile:

(Sybil) #5

You guys always have cool themes for those who love taking photos!

(Sherry Hill) #6

you could try resizing them up a little… i’ve done this… i get a little more noise to the photo, but i agree, some things are worth sharing. :slight_smile: