502 is back,blog down

(Berckmans Peter) #1

Seems pb is down again,only getting the dreaded 502 error .

(Brian Scott) #2

REALLY wish I could get on to the site!!! It’s been at least two days now, anyone working on it???

(Yashil Dreepaul) #3

The issue is coming either from Cloudflare (security and site performance service) used by Photoblog or from the site hosting service. As per the incident history of Cloudflare, the last incident occurred on the 20th October. Most probably the issue during the past 2 days was related to the hosting service. Seeing the number of times people have complained about the site being down and was left unanswered by the administrators, I can only assume that nobody is maintaining this site anymore which is a shame.

(Berckmans Peter) #4

Today, I could get on the site. But not working like it should be. I am affaid the blog is dying

(Berckmans Peter) #5

I fear so, it is a long time since we heard something from Ram

(Berckmans Peter) #6

Can not get on the blog only on the forum. Getting constant server error. No number nothing. Anyone else have problems?

(Paul Moreau) #7

Yes, have struggled to get on today. Would be very sad to lose everything I’ve written on here, and to lose contact with you all. Does anyone have a back-up plan?

(Berckmans Peter) #8

It seems to be working now. I have tried to contacr Ram to ask if he still is running the blog. For a back up, not know where to start there

(Camellia Staab) #9

@betterpolo , Paul we seem to go through this every few months and not sure why. Two years ago we couldn’t get in for the longest time and the only thing working was this forum. This morning when I tried to log on, even the forum was not working. I do agree with you that it would be very sad to lose everything we have written and posted here, for me it is a few years worth. Sadly, every time this happens we all go searching for another location. I personally have yet to come across another site that is set up like this one; where one can post photos and write a blog as well and have very interactive and nice group of people to share with. Ram also has a facebook page for photoblog and that is where I usually go to send him a message when things fall apart here. Not sure if he ever sees the messages or the emails because he never responds (he used to in the past, but not anymore) all I know is that pb started working after I sent the email…coincidence? I don’t know. Just glad it’s back :slight_smile:

(In Reach Of The Skies) #10

I could read only the forum yesterday but couldn’t log in to reply. I too emailed support from the fb page but like everyone else no response.

(Paul Moreau) #11

Thanks Camellia. I too researched photo sites before coming here and also did not find anything that allows me this combination of words and photos. The supportive community was an unexpected bonus. Ram really set up something special here, really hope it can carry on.

(Eiram Marie) #12

This is so sad to read. I have been a member of PB for many many years (joined in 2009). This was a great place, I met so many great photographers here , there was so much going on every day! Everything changed for the worse when Ram took over PB. This was a place where you got so many comments on every posts, with suggestions or advice , where people cared about each other. People from all over the world - I am happy that I was a part of this. Makes me angry to see what Ram made of this place. He chased away the best of the members and what for? Shame on him!