A question just for fun

(Deli Tlb) #1

If animals could communicate in a language we’d understand, which one of them do you think would turn out to be the rudest? :grin: My answer is Crow! I get such a negative vibe from these birds and as I have observed they are always the ones who bully the other smaller birds.
What do you think?

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #2

actually they are the most intelligent birds and have not a communication system but a language, long term memory, sense of humor and are paying their debt too humans and animals alike!

I will go for our family members: monkeys and apes. Some of them are capable of declaring war to other groups!

(Anna Molly) #3

Wow @delloosh that’s a very interesting and creative question! I hear animal, I think of Pet’s, dogs, cats (I was a veterinary assistant for 3 yrs. and attempted schooling for becoming a veterinary technician). So on that end, for a dog I’d have to say chihuahua (some are nice but most I’ve come across are nasty, growling & I was bit by one once. For a cat the domestic Sphinx since they are less domesticated than domestic cats. Once I was trying to get a blood pressure on one that was in the ICU and it scratched right at my face, forehead straight down to my cheekbone. Thankfully fight or flight kicked in and I closed my eyes or that cat would’ve scratched my eyeball. I had to go to the hospital so the job had confirmation if I was ok or not. Birds, all I can think of are vultures. I mean they circle around when a living thing is on its way out & when they die they go pick at them… That’s pretty rude! Lol

(Deli Tlb) #4

@strohschneider-laue Yes exactly! how did I forget? Monkeys are also on the list. The other day I watched a video from camera streets of India and it showed how the monkeys randomly attack people and push them real hard even off their bikes… :no_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:

(Deli Tlb) #5

@annamography I am really afraid of cats! If I see a cat on the street I always change my rout. On the other hand, I am huge dog lover I absolutely adore them but yes I have noticed the fighter behaviour in Chihuahuas :joy:

(Anna Molly) #6

Continuing the discussion from A question just for fun:@delloosh awww no! I get it because my best friend of over 20 yrs always HATED cats and I love cats. I love dogs too of course but for some reason always felt a kinship with black cats in particularly.
Grew up with no pets because though my mom said she had cats when she was growing up that she developed an allergy to them and a dog wouldn’t work because we traveled a lot as a family. But after I graduated with my bachelors they said ok but it’s gotta stay in the basement with you (was basically a studio apartment) so I went to shelters and one had a black cat they named “Lucy”. 6 weeks old with blue eyes at the time. So while she was in the kennel with another kitten I was playing with her through the gated part and the workers could tell I already loved her so they asked if I wanted to hold her, so they took her out and I held and pet her and she fell asleep in my arms. The workers saw that and said “oh you have to take her home now, when a kitten falls asleep in a strangers arms, they chose you to be with” which I’m sure was just so I’d pay the adoption fee but I still like to believe it. Her being a black cat with the “bad luck” connotation and her name there being Lucy, when asked I was like, let’s throw in a K and her name is now Lucky. And here we are over 13 yrs later now much bigger of course and now has 2 grey whiskers on each side & she can be a real bratty “typical cat” but I love her anyway. But since we brought her home when my best friend would come
Over the first few hrs she stayed away from her but eventually she’d let lucky smell her and now she’ll say hi when she stops by, I’m pretty sure she’s even pet her a handful of times. Sorry that was a long story lol.
Don’t be afraid it’s just a picture of her haha:

at 6 weeks when I brought her home…

And here on her (approximately) 13th birthday this past April. :two_hearts:

(Ram Ya) #7

I think cats can be rude even without being able to speak lol :smile:

I would think raccoons can be pretty rude as well. At least the ones we have here are not afraid of me at all. Sometimes they go from one garage roof to the other at night searching for food. When I see them they stop and look at me. I would make a gesture of throwing a rock (I would not actually do this) but they don’t give a damn and stare at me like I am an idiot lol. I am sure they would use a few words if they could speak.

(Russell Smith) #8

I would think maybe either cat or Mocking Bird. Crows are a bird that fascinate me the level of intelligence they have astonishes me now with that being said I am unsure I would want to know what they are saying sometimes hehe.

(Anna Molly) #9

Yeah raccoons are scary, I don’t mess with them.
Wow you pretended to throw and they didn’t get startled at all? Weird.

(Anna Molly) #10

True some birds are creepy and scary. Oh animals.

(Deli Tlb) #11

your cat is so damn cute but those eyes still scare the hell out of me! I don’t hate cats I in fact feed them and by that I mean I get other people to give them food or milk and I wish give them all shelter but I’m very very scared.

(Deli Tlb) #12

The first line killed me :joy::joy::joy: I agree 100% . I find raccoons so cute though I wish we had raccoons here lol.

(Deli Tlb) #13

Crows are for sure intelligent but I still find them mean and sometimes annoying. I get annoyed the most when I’m driving and then they just decide to take their time and walk across the street :joy::expressionless: