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(Tinna J) #1

What is going on?
I am a bit confused by the little but enough reading about div considering this platform.
I am new here and was really hoping I was starting a good place to share stories and memories and photography in general for myself and those that want to enjoy it, it is alot of work we all put into this i believeand offcourse payment, I like alot about this platform, but not really the things i am reading about this dying out and bad admins and so on,

Can anyone please tell me the conclusion of all these topics you have been talking about now for some months at least in short matter for me and maybe other like me that want to know
Best regards

(Brian Scott) #2

Hi Tinna, I read all the articles when I joined but, I have been here just over a year and still enjoying it. Yes, there are issues to get used to but, it is still a good community, persevere and enjoy :wave::+1:

(Nancy Andrea D) #3

I agree with what Brian has written. A very warm welcome to PhotoBlog too, Tinna!

(Thomas Thompson) #4

Tina, Photoblog has had its ups and downs, but its still going the moderator is MIA or he is lurking in the shadows. I have been in the photoblog community for a long time, and it does get burps once in awhile, I guess it depends who you chat with Anyway Welcome to Photoblog Tom

(Camellia Staab) #5

Welcome Tinna to a really nice community. I’ve been here for quite a while and as you say, it does take some work to post here, but if it brings you pleasure, which it does for me, I’d say enjoy it and don’t worry about the future of Pb. :wink:

(Tinna J) #6

Thank you and good tp hear,
It makes you quite sceptic to read though :blush:

(Tinna J) #7

Thank you so much glad to hear, and this was a bit funny i needed to write at least 20 characters :joy::joy::joy::memo:

(Tinna J) #8

Thank you i will, and hopefully this will just grow and get better it would be sad to have used alot of time ob something that maybe will stop working, but I read it was promised to keep all safe for ever so by that nothing should go lost

(Tinna J) #9

Yes i will keep enjoying it and try to understand the platform better ans thank you :blush::blush: