Advertising on my photoblog?

(Pete Fitzgetald) #1

Is anyone else getting adds on their PhotoBlog pages?
Any info here?

(Jon Fitton) #2

I’m suddenly seeing these too. Very irritating!

(Pete Fitzgetald) #3

anyone I contact on this gang?

(Vivienne Albiston) #4

Yup, I`m getting google ads and stuff too guys.

(Russell Smith) #5

I know there is a banner add at the top of mine but I do not know how long it has been there because by default Opera browser has adblock on .

(Berckmans Peter) #6

Yeap same here. Google stuff

(Phil Clark) #7

Yep same here - must a glitch

(Helen Hooker) #8

I’ve got the same too, although my settings page says my Pro account is still active. I’ll message Ram about it. I’m sure it’s just a bug in the system somewhere.

(Heidi Egerman) #9

I am getting them as well - on my ipad and iPhone.

(Laurie Madsen) #10

Hi, I’m Laurie Madsen and am new here. I just posted some new blogs and was surprised to see ads all over my pages when the description for having a paid subscription says the object behind payment is to keep this an ad free platform.
Glad to see other people noticed and posted the problem as I don’t know who to contact to fix it.

The ads also show up in the mainstream photo blog. Lots of politicians. They look like google ads.

(Helen Hooker) #11

Hi all, I’ve just heard back from Ram and it was a glitch. The ads should now be gone from your blogs. :blush:

(Pete Fitzgetald) #12

Thank you Lady and Ram

(Vivienne Albiston) #13

I still got `em today and this evening

(Pete Fitzgetald) #14

Give a bit more time, Mine are gone, so Ram is working on it, sometimes it takes a bit for things to reboot

(Helen Hooker) #15

The ads disappeared immediately on my iOS devices, but I had to clear my browser’s cache for them to go from my computer. Give that a try and if it doesn’t work I’m sure Ram will take another look.