Am I missing something

(Josh Gonzales) #1

First of all. Let me start by apologizing as this is not what I wanted my first post in the discussion board to be about. I am having a heck of a time trying to update my cover photo and profile picture. I have tried multiple time, but cannot seem to get it to work. Followed upload rules, under max megabytes, and select image with summiting save. Either I am doing something wrong or there maybe that I am missing. Sorry for the troubles.

(Berckmans Peter) #2

Arebyou looking under my settings, profile pics. There you can change them. You have to look what filetype you use RAW does not work. Hope this helps you

(Josh Gonzales) #3

@peterphotowalks. Thank you for the reply. Yes went under settings and also made sure photos were jpeg only with a max file size in Lightroom of 39 megabytes. Not sure what is going on. Today I’m going to try another web browser and possible a different internet connection. Maybe possible it’s timing out. Grrrr. Thank you again for the reply.

(Berckmans Peter) #4

Maybe trying to clear your cache memory can help. If not try askig Ram for help.

(Sydney Solomon) #5

I have had the same problem from day 1 of when I joined, I never got a satisfactory reply to the problem, my solution was to leave everything as the status quo, it was to frustrating trying to find a solution.

(Josh Gonzales) #6

@zayde1940 yes, I totally agree. My issue is that I cannot even upload a photo to start my blog. So I am left with empty cover photo and profile photos.

(Cyn Plahuta) #7

I just joined the site today & I’m having a similar problem, so you have my empathy. I can upload a photo to a blog post with no problem. And I uploaded a profile photo with no problem. But in trying to upload a cover photo for my blog, a box keeps popping up telling me it’s invalid because the photo has to be jpg or jpeg. All my photos ARE jpg. I’ve tried different photos but the same box keeps popping up. Sent a message to the contact folks. Will just have to wait & see I guess. I’ll keep watch to see if any answer pops up here that might help.

(Russell Smith) #8

@cynplahuta Check for the small message about the size of the image when you go to change the headder. I know I have tried to change it a few times but the size of the image that I was trying to upload was either too big or too small I forget .

(Cyn Plahuta) #9

Thanks for the reply. Each one I’ve tried is between 4 and 6 MB. I don’t have a fancy camera, so that’s usually about the size of my photos. Rarely go above 8MB. All it tells me when I click “save” is that my photo must be a jpg or jpeg, which they all are. But if it turns out that that size is too small, there’s not much I can do about it then. Thanks again. ~~Cyn Plahuta

(Ram Ya) #10

Hello all,
Apologies for the delay in my reply. There is a known issue with profile and cover photo when uploading from Safari browser. @cynplahuta @endeavor are you by any chance using Safari? If so, can you please try from Chrome?


(Cyn Plahuta) #11

I’m using Firefox. The profile photo loaded just fine, but I’ll try Chrome & see if that does the trick. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. :slight_smile: Thanks! ~~Cyn

(Cyn Plahuta) #12

OK, I tried Chrome. Unfortunately I get the same message pop up telling me that I uploaded an invalid file, that the photo must be a jpg, jpeg, etc. Which they all are… ~~Cyn Plahuta

(Ram Ya) #13

Could you please email the photo to [email protected]? I can try on my end and see what could be the issue.
Thanks again.

(Laurie Madsen) #14

The “Contact” link is at the bottom of your pages. When I use that, I get quick response to issues.