Any plans to photograph the fall colors?

(Ram Ya) #1

For those of you who are in North Ameria/Europe, do you plan to visit any locations to photograph the fall colors?

I will probably drive through the Algonquin Park in Ontario looking for beautiful scenic locations. I did this 3 years ago and photos came out really nice.

Please do share your fall photoshoot locations, ideas, and picuture here.

(Berckmans Peter) #2

The public park in our district of Hoboken, i will visit again this year

(Camellia) #3

No major plans but definitely hoping to capture some colors right here in Illinois.

(Ram Ya) #4

Looks like you guys have more of a yellow cast than up here. Do you know if these are Aspen or Tamarack?

(Ram Ya) #5

Looking forward to seeing your posts, Camellia.
There seems to be photogenic events where you live :slight_smile:

(Berckmans Peter) #6

I have no idea,next time I am there will check it

(Russell Smith) #7

I am hoping the weather and $$ will allow us to go up towards the mountains in NC next month . I know fall colors (if they happen) are about 2 months away if not 3 . Usually November here.

(Russell Smith) #8

Thank you for this topic @canon6d . It caused me to think about Fall and even though it is not beautiful color here there are things that make me think fall like the spice pallet used or foods other things that relate to fall in the southern usa.

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #9

Fall colors came already in summer, because of lack of rain. Last year it was just perfect in Croatia/Istria, because the weather was warm until early in November. Maybe we can make time for another visit this year. Nevertheless my first association with autumn always will be “harvest”, it’s such a rich season and in the end there is a lot of color in vegetables and fruits too.
This October/November olives from last year are maybe olive oil by now … :wink:

(Ram Ya) #10

Didn’t really think of fall in terms of harvest and festivities ofc these are just perfect photo opportunities. Looking forward to seeing your posts @russsmith @strohschneider-laue

(Camellia) #11

Oh my @Ram…I had forgotten about that photo. Wonder if they will do the same thing this year. Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

(Benjamin Theyr) #12

Fall is one of the best time for us as a family, it reminds us of family, friends and our travels together. So typically we could be seen on the road at this time, but work hasn’t allowed for much time off this year. Weekends are our best shot of being able to get out. Often we find locations like this.

Grandfather Mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Ask me this question same time next year, I may have something better to show for it.

(Ram Ya) #13

Wow amazing shot, @benjamintheyrphotogr. My story is similar, work is keeping me from doing the things I enjoy the most. This year I decided to take a break, not wait for friends, and just headed solo to Algonquin Park. I’ll be posting more from this as I edit them. Here’s the first one.

(Rikka Kaijo) #14

Hi all!
Everyone’s photos are really lovely!
I’ll be posting some fall shots as well!
Looking forward to seeing everyone’s fall photos.

(Rachel The Introvert) #15

This is so beautiful! So many leaves :scream: the colors are so rich and vivid. Love this!

(Berckmans Peter) #16

Thank you, this year it was an all other story, almost no colors. The vivid colors is with the compliments of Fuji;