Any tips for traveling alone?

(Ram Ya) #1

This week we are covering solo travels! We’ve all been there, you want to go somewhere but don’t have anyone who has the free time or the interest. Why not go alone? It is a great way to meet new people and build confidence.

Iuliana shared some great trips for anyone who’s thinking about taking the plunge and exploring on their own. Please have a look at How to Travel Alone guide.

Do you have any solo travel tips?

For those of you who have traveled solo, do you have any tips to add? I would love to hear them below or in the forum post here. I’ll be updating the article again with your tips with credits to your PB profile :slightly_smiling_face:

(Benjamin Theyr) #2

Wish I had something to offer, but I’ll never be able to travel solo again, nor would I want to as the wife is my navigator…

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #3

Most of the time my husband and I – sometimes our daughter is joining in too - are traveling together. But now and then I still have to travel alone. My habits didn’t change since the late 1970s (except for having a mobile and computer) and are not very different from traveling with my family or large group.

Be prepared for your destination: map, guide, write a wish list with all things you want to see, people you want to meet, food you want to eat … Schedule your museums visits and tours, because of the opening hours.

Maybe book accommodation in advance, if it’s an overcrowded destination. I’m the lucky one, who is driving by car therefore I have sometimes more possibilities to stay. It’s nevertheless a risk not to book in advance. In France we almost had to sleep in the car and in Germany we felt like jackpot winners, because we found after hours of searching a place to stay in the middle of nowhere between Hannover and Magdeburg.

Have always some cash as backup so you can everywhere and anytime buy a ticket back home.

Think about insurance in case you will have an accident or develop health problems. Travel insurance is cheap, a transport home almost impossible to pay for.

Don’t store all your money (cash and cards) in one place. I always have a wallet with enough cash for one day.

Btw my worst experiences were not in some foreign country far away but in Germany and Austria, countries which I call home. My passport was stolen in Berlin - to know the address of the embassy can therefore very helpful.

I met the most landlords with cut and dried (xenophobic and/or misogynistic) opinions in Austria. Yes, there is almost everywhere still a huge difference how single women are treated.

A healthy extra portion of self esteem is recommended. If I imagine some worst case scenarios (not dangerous situations!!!): Lifting up an eyebrow like Mr. Spock can be very helpful, especially in combination with a calm behavior. I never would show fear, begin to beg or cry, I would always ask if they want the number of my attorney. In the worst case, I would call the police.

Don’t forget a well stocked first aid kit to patch up your blisters every evening!

And at last create an account on Photoblog and post everyday some colorful pictures - family and fiends want to have a nice life sign and follow up your journey!

(Ram Ya) #4

So many good points here! I will summarise them into article soon and give you credit @strohschneider-laue :slight_smile:

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #5

Main point: be yourself, but don’t be naive.
Thanks! :blush:

(Kenny H) #6

I agree with Ram. Lots of good tips for traveling abroad or locally. Above all, be safe and aware of your surroundings - even in groups. Maintaining your safety is way more important than your equipment or personal items. But when you’re a tourist - it usually shows (i.e. shopping bags, maps, tons of camera bags, lenses etc.) One of my main sticking points is to purchase a bag to accommodate my equipment that doesn’t “look” like a camera bag.

(Russell Smith) #7

Situational awareness. Do not get so lost in what you are doing that you do not pay attention to any potential hazards around you or approaching you. Be it another person or wildlife or machine. Give a few friends or family an schedule of where you will be when you will be back and touch base with them so they know of where you are/were at last . I know this is something my mother did when she road her bicycle across the U.S.

(Ram Ya) #8

Just added all your tips to the article. Mentioned @strohschneider-laue @popparatzee @russsmith as contributors :raised_hands: