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(Yoshi Saura) #1

I’m still new to this site so bear with me if this question has been answered already. (I did do a topic search and I couldn’t find anything related so hopefully, I didn’t miss something.)

So far, I love this website. I love the simplicity of creating posts, not having to worry about spending a ton of time piecing it all together from scratch. This is exactly what I was looking for! (And I absolutely love that this site displays EXIF data, so cool!) The representation is superb!!

My only worry is frequent blogging. I’m afraid that if I create years worth of posts, should I want to go back and find a specific post, I don’t want to have to scroll through everything until I find it. What would be really nice is a blog archive module with links to years/months etc.

In other words, I’m afraid of my posts being buried in the categories I’ve created without a good way of being able to easily find them, both through the admin side and through the viewer side.

Has anyone else brought this up before, or has this been an issue with anyone else?

Anyway, I reiterate that this site is amazing. The community here is outstanding and super friendly and I’m having a lot of fun here, so far!

(Berckmans Peter) #2

There is a selection in settings, manage posts, than they appear in list form . That could help a bit. In my blog you can select the oldest and the most popular. Do not know if you can select on date there. A good question for the admin.

(Berckmans Peter) #3

Ok yoshi, went looking a bit. If you have the headline from your blog, just open any of your blogs. You have the label PRO,next to it you have an arrow,click on that and select archive. There you can select year and month. Have a look

(Russell Smith) #4

Peter answered the question quite well . I know I use the manage posts feature if I know the date of the post or the approx date . I have started trying to keep the categories better on my end so I can go to food if I want to find the recipe to x or y . It would be a nice feature (I dont know what kind of headache would be to create) but a keyword search within manage post. IE if I know the post was about sparta then I search sparta in my manage post and I can find the post/s with that in it .

(Yoshi Saura) #5

omg, I didn’t even see that! I’m glad there’s some type of archive. Maybe if it could be a little more obvious, (for people like me, haha!) that’d be better.

Thanks for figuring that out!!

(Yoshi Saura) #6

I agree a keyword search would be nice as well!
The categories post organization is pretty nice, so long as I don’t have to create an overwhelmingly amount of categories just to pinpoint specific posts (if that makes sense. I’m not the best with words :laughing:)

Thanks for the reply!

(Ram Ya) #7

Thanks for helping with this @peterphotowalks.
Leaving this screenshot here for future if anyone wants to access their blog archives

@mandaburr1 love your photographic style!

(Berckmans Peter) #8

My pleasure ,we are here to help