Blog scheduling not working

(Lee Santiva) #1

Hi Community, since I couldn’t submit a question using the “Contact Us” form, I got an error about a required field not being filled in, but they were all filled in, I am now asking the community.

I recently upgrade to PRO and I scheduled 4 blogs for publication in the near future. They have already been published although the status is listed as “scheduled”.
I do not see them on my home page, yet they are somehow visible since I have received comments on them.

Why did this happen and how can I fix it?
Thank you
Regards, Lee

(Ram Ya) #2

Hello Lee,

just to clarify, do you not see your scheduled posts on this page (this page has infinite scroll).

You can also manage all your posts from this page

Please let me know if that helps.

(Lee Santiva) #3

Hi Ram, yes that is correct. I (personally) don’t see them on myblog page only on the manage posts page. However, the user Bob Rosenberg was seeing them and could comment on them. Perhaps through the notification function, I’m not sure?
Thanks for looking into this,