Blog upload not working

(Nick Ambrose) #1

I’ve just taken on a pro Photoblog account. I am though having trouble uploading anything beyond a single photo and associated text.

I did firstly do a long post with around 6 photos on it and text but after 3 hours it was still uploading and has now lost it all.

Not a good first impression I’ve got to say :-/

(Helen Hooker) #2

It all worked for me just now Nick. Might be worth trying again, but if you still run into problems do drop Ram a line at [email protected] and let him know.

(Steven W Anthony) #3

I have the same problem. Uploading even a single picture does not work, at least in any sort of timely manner. After many attempts it does seem to work.

(Russell Smith) #4

If I have a photo that takes more than a min or two to upload then I remove it and reupload the photo then it works fine. I think it is related to my isp and my connection being dropped for a brief time.