Blurry blog posts/Missing main blog photo

(Jay Boggess) #1

The previous photos I have posted to my blog appear blurry now, when I try to look at my blog postings. Also, the photo I have had as my main blog photo is gone with nothing replacing it??? Any ideas???
jay (dogydad2))

(Camellia Staab) #2

Jay we seem to be losing this site since there is no one manning it.

(Amy Caldwell) #3

Some of my photos on older blog posts are gone. Some were gone yesterday and now are back. I still have no icon to upload photos. I’m giving up here.

(Berckmans Peter) #4

I think we are all ready to give up.

(John Waco Jr) #5

If one or more drive have failed, all data in the RAID 0 array with be lost. … This is always a problem with small servers in which only two data drives will be used. One for text and other for images. The failed hard must be replaced.

(Berckmans Peter) #6

So you think it is a server problem

(Brian Scott) #7

I’ve contacted a contact with view to investigating taking the site over, this is beyond a joke, especially for those paying

(John Waco Jr) #8

My Server FreeNAS is probably the best known NAS operating system out there.

FreeNAS supports it; RAID, hot-swapping, and disk striping are all supported under the OS.

All you do is pull out the faulty hard drive a fit a new one. problem fixed!

(K A Metcalfe) #9

Yes but where is the server? USA…and who has it? Such a shame.

(Paul G) #10

I would think you could get a robust storage solution with AWS or Azure for relatively cheap. Though I don’t know how much storage/throughput the site needs.

I mean, I know I’m not a pro account, so maybe you could argue I’m part of the problem. But when I signed up, I wasn’t sure if it’d be worth the price. If the hosting was robust, I would change my mind.

(Berckmans Peter) #11

Keep me imformed , not mind to pay,even a bit more

(Camellia Staab) #12

Brian look at Pino’s comments

(Brian Scott) #13

Thank you Camellia :+1:

(Jay Boggess) #14
So is there NO HOST, anymore??? What a bummer!!! 

At least he or she could have asked someone if they wanted to take over, rather than just disappearing…with no explanation…Sheesh!

(Thomas Thompson) #15

He has an IG and I have been leaving him lots of messages letting him know please dont just let PB go that please let someone know but I never get any response So Sad

(John Waco Jr) #16

I asked an old friend and colleague who lives and works in Toronto, to look for PhotoBlog Inc. Unit 2554, 45 King Street West. Toronto, M5L 2A1. He spent 2-hours after work looking for the building with on luck.

(Berckmans Peter) #17

No surprise there, gone with the wind

(Abigail Gossage) #18

Looks to be a mixed use residential tower near Bay on King. By the number he would be on the 24th floor. My daughter is going to ask a friend who is a commercial real estate agent about the building.

(John Waco Jr) #19

I asked the same old friend and colleague who lives and works in Toronto, to look for PhotoBlog Inc. Unit 2554, 45 King Street West. TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, M5L 2A1. At the Toronto Postal Service, at 100 King St W, TORONTO ONTARIO M5X 1A9. They could not find the post code on there systems for the city of Toronto.