Can we change URL?

(A N) #1

Can we change our URLs? I don’t see it for the free version, but is it included with the paid platform? Thx

(Ram Ya) #2

At the moment username change is possible only manually from the admin panel of the site.
To change the URL, please make sure the username is not taken ( by going to ) then submit the intended username here or via a personal message to me.


(Alvik Mp) #3

Hi Ram. I have the same concern. I’d like to change my url frrom /alvik to /alvikk (not yet taken). Hope you can help in changing this. Thanks.

(Tod Sheley) #4

can I change my URL to tod sheley?It’s not taken on here

(Tod Sheley) #5

Sorry my URL is ok! Still very new to this.My mistake

(Ram Ya) #6

Just changed your username and url to /alvikk

Sure it can be done. Please let me know if you decide to change it.

(Alessandro Colombo) #7

Hello @canon6d
Would it be possible to change my blog address/name to “lastrada” ?


(Ram Ya) #8

Just changed your username and URL to lastrada

(North American Roads) #9

Ram / @canon6d

Please delete this account as I’ll close it shortly.

(Arnie -) #10

Hi, I have request regarding changing my URL to neoalfresco
Pls help it to get changed. thanks