Cannot access any pages

(Sherry Hill) #1

today, i can’t log into my own blog or any one else’s. i get “reached on error, try refreshing” … i can enter the community [obviously] and i can see the posts in thumbnail version, but can NOT click on any or post… links from email won’t work either… any one else?

(Berckmans Peter) #2

Same problem here, on my androis I get 502 error bad gateway and on the pc an server error, try refreshing. I get mails but can not browse. Community works. Can not see posts at all.

(Sherry Hill) #3

sorry you are having the same problem. i am now getting the same 502 error now, but with a little luck, i got to my page and managed a posting… so there is hope…

(Jay Boggess) #4

I’m getting “Bad Gateway” message when I try to go to a member’s blog to see their images …

(Vivienne Albiston) #5

yup, bad gateway or I get the circle of doom!

(Berckmans Peter) #6

It is beginning to work again, sometimes slow and sometimes the number of the devil 502 comes back. but we are on the good way.

(Berckmans Peter) #7

It is back bad gateway.

(Andi Saw) #8

At least we can talk here! :rofl:
I’m sure our beloved PB will be back soon!

(Berckmans Peter) #9

Problem coming and going,hope they fix it soon

(Andi Saw) #10

I have to confess I’m not really sorry about that, because it rains all the time and I have no picture to show you, except for crochet and my “Jungle”.
Forecast say "Tomorrow Sun! and 25°C
Maybe I can use my time to take out Summer clothes! :smile:

(Sherry Hill) #11

i went outside and took photos, even tho we were covered in a layer of ice… summer clothes? ah, so optimistic… lol

(Sherry Hill) #12

and … it’s still churning away this morning, the site that is… now i get a “cloud front error” whatever that is… ah well,

(Andi Saw) #13

I have to admit I’m really disappointed by the silence of the PB Team. I mean… chaos happens, maintenance happens… but being abandoned with no explanation is sad…
I mean, they have all the tools to send us a newsletter, telling us
“We’re taking care of the problem” or “We value you (and your money) and we are doing our best” or “We will be fully back in 3 days…”

But nothing???

(Berckmans Peter) #14

Are the admins still there? A word a sign of life please. The lack of communicaton is a reason to have some doubts about pb. Hope the problem is fixed soon. Still love pb

(Vivienne Albiston) #15

very slow and has loaded my post twice, what!

(Berckmans Peter) #16

Better than none, can not post at all for the moment and the rest is ver very slow or just does not work

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #17

I am also not able to access my blog. I get a message that says they capture the error message. If refresh doesn’t work to contact them. So I am contacting you.

(Russell Smith) #18

Yes the site is slow almost like a ddos attack is happening on the server somewhere. When it loads it loads slow other times it goes to 502 bad gateway or not found.

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #19

Yes I agree. We need to know someone is out there, please!

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #20

Yes, I am getting this error Russ noted above