Cannot access any pages

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #21

I agree, with what you said, Andi Saw

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #22

There doesn’t seem to be any announcements online that Amazon cloud is having any issues.

(Sherry Hill) #23

no access to mine or others sites today… just the community working via email… sigh

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #24

So if this blog site goes away, where will everyone go to next for a photo blog? I hate to start over after working so hard.

LuAnn Thatcher
[email protected]

(Berckmans Peter) #25

I have my eye on the 500px photoblog,but that is only for your best photos.

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #26

I used to be on 500px before I came here. It is a nice sight but I don’t think they have the blog piece. I am doing my own site and I will continue to explore a photo blog . Best wishes my friends. LuAnn

(Sherry Hill) #27

oh, i hate to think it could go away, i just found this place but i love it… it has helped me… in a lot of ways …hopefully they can fix the bug…

(Helen Hooker) #28

I’m afraid I know nothing more than the rest of you, even though I’m an admin - apologies! I’ll drop Ram an email and Facebook message and see if I get a response…

(Lisa Britton) #29

This is only the 2nd time in 3 days I have been able to access PB. I am getting the same error messages as well. So sad… hopefully it will get fixed soon - don’t know what I would do without my PB and the friends I have made here.

(Berckmans Peter) #30

For me it is more about the photo than the blogpart. But it is good fun. And I made some friends here. Maybe have to explore an own site.

(Berckmans Peter) #31

Thank you for the effort Helen

(Andi Saw) #32

Ok… We are panicking… STOP PANICKING GUYS!!! :rofl:

We cannot access since a couple of days… ok.
Nobody knows why…
But from here to “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIIEEEEEEEEEEEE” it’s a little premature (And an Italian prerogative) :smile:

What I don’t understand is
Is there ONLY Ram behind Photoblog?

One person only who can fix codes, have access to them, fix server problems etc???
This sounds insane… (But if Ram IS Photoblog, I applaud the genius, and the amazing job so far!)

This leads to the second question: Where is Ram?
I knew he worked hard and he had no time, but he doesn’t show up since ages…
Does he still love his creature or did he left?

By the way, this site is online since 300 years… It was ugly, but it still ran. Now it’s cool and we should wait until we know more.
I appreciate the idea we can meet somewhere else, just in case…
But let’s wait for news.
Another thing…The site has problems, but the Community /Forum is working fine… They cannot be 2 separate things (See url)… If someone wanted to shut down the site, we wouldn’t be able to talk here.
Logically it has to be a technical problem. (but I’m not an expert)

Helen, thank you for your effort.

In case of emergency, you can find me here
[email protected]

(Berckmans Peter) #33

No panic here,it will be solved. I am sure of that. I am already for a while looking around what there is more on the net. Wordpress is interesting but maybe something with a marketplace. But I do not give up pb to much fun

(Camellia) #34

I just wish Ram would let us know one way or another if he has moved on to other things. Except for coming in and posting the 365 calendar back in January there has been absolutely no signs of him. I understand he said work kept him away last time he was in but somewhere in there he needs to communicate something so we know where we stand. I really like this place but getting very disillusioned .:frowning:

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #35

Yes, I had almost a panic attack, when I just found out, that there are a lot of unsolved problems! Thanks to Camellia via Facebook I calmed down …
As far as I see, there are a lot of very interested and helpful and involved (…) Photobloggers, who are willing to help and to join the community not only as readers and bloggers (365 calendar, weekly theme [thanks @girafferacing]).
Ram @canon6d please communicate at least with this group - especially everybody at the end will think about to ask Helen for help! I really begin to feel sorry for her …
Lately there are a lot of questions, which are not answered at all (for example: how to change password after login via Facebook).

(Lisa Britton) #36

Hi also happy I was able to gain access today and catch up my blog. Not panicking just disappointed. I don’t know how to get access to this thread without accessing PB. Help? Love the people on this site one of the main reasons I stay here. Lets all stick together and try to continue to make this the site we love.

(Andi Saw) #37

@unicornlover you get access to this thread by saving the mail with the notification (enter from the mail) or saving the page.
Then you log in in this page, top right :heart:

(Sherry Hill) #38

i miss my pb fix… wahhhhh… i can’t even look at other peoples pictures, which i find sooo inspiring…

(Sherry Hill) #39

when i try to go to any ones page, it says “sorry this page no longer exists” it does that for all of my email links…

(Andi Saw) #40

@twilightgecko I can enter some pictures Sherry. We are still here.