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(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #61

OMG, somebody must be out there! It’s working …

(Berckmans Peter) #62

The thruth is out there, is this pb or X-files

(Jean-Michel Laurenti) #63

Hi everyone,

yes, seems to work again !

Like all of you, it would have been very ennoying to lose PhotoBlog, being able not to post only photos but also text, and having constructive comments from people sharing the same interest for photography is kind of unique.
Having your own blog allows some freedom of course, but at a price, no community…

I found the following information :

It’s a testimonial from the company who worked to redesign PhotoBlog, and it shows that 4 developers and 4 QA people have been working from Jan 2016 to Jun 2017, I would say part time.
It’s a significant investment, and I’m convinced that Ram would not have done it, to drop off everything some months later without trying first to share his difficulties (if any) with people here.

So, maybe it was just technical issues (it happens, I know a bit about it :slight_smile: ), and he didn’t want to communicate without understanding/fixing the problems first…

Maybe (I hope), we will have some info about what happened… Let’s be patient !

As a side topic, I will not use PhotoBlog as a backup solution for my images, it’s not meant for it. I’ll be please to share with people interested some thoughts/strategy to backup your precious files, both locally and off-site.

Take care,

(Sherry Hill) #64

i just checked ,its working fast… hopefully stays working well, i have some catching up to do… :slight_smile:

(Camellia) #65

@misterti I don’t know if you were around when the redesigning started but there were a few months (or maybe shorter but for us lovers of photoblogger it seemed months) that we ran into similar problems which we have now. It took Ram a while to get things working and if you are interested, you can go back to posts in the community going back to November or so as to what was going on. There was a time there that Ram even indicated that he was putting in some of his own money to get everything working again. So your find is very interesting and I am glad you shared it. AND YES! HIP HIP HOORRAY! We seem to be back online :smile:

(Lisa Britton) #66

well lets hope things stay up and running

(Antonio Gil) #67

But Ram’s silence is strange. Not a single word to his customers?

(Lisa Britton) #68

That seems to be his way these days. At least we are up and working TGIF all.

(Sherry Hill) #69

seems to be happening again… bad gateway 502… hmmmm… guess i go curl up with a good book… @andisaw i got “the Shadow of the Wind” from Amazon today… guess it’s a good time to start reading…

(Andi Saw) #70

Great @twilightgecko. I hope you like it and the English translation is beautiful like the Italian one. I gave it 5 stars. (It’s rare)
Happy reading my dear, and let me know if you liked it!