Cannot post photos - Help

(Gerry Walker) #1

Hello Community

I need some help & advice. I just joined PhotoBlog yesterday. I was very excited about this but now it won’t let me upload photos or write anything- when I click on Post+ it just takes me to the upgrade page.

I am using Safari - but also Firefox.

Quite frustrating

Can anyone help

(Berckmans Peter) #2

Can not help you here. Sounds it is something for admin.

(Russell Smith) #3

@admin Maybe you would be able to give some insight into this .

(Gerry Walker) #4

Thanks Russell

Ram (?) has replied stating that I would have to pay to post photos.

However, the website clearly states that I join for free - which in my opinion, would be a trial. How can I check to understand if Photoblog is for me without first checking out its functionality ?

The Photoblog website states:

I am very confused. Are you admin ?

Can Admin be contacted to answer my question


(Russell Smith) #5

I am not an admin however Ramya is the founder it looks like the free account you can follow and comment on others posts.
has the information there is a 7 day refundable trial period .

(Gerry Walker) #6

Big thanks Russell.

Understand a lot better now. Ram has moved the site to a pay only model - with a 7 day (free) trial

Many thanks for your assistance