Can't add story via smartphone's browser

(Laura Pinto) #1

Hello everyone! I just joined Photoblog a few weeks ago and am generally happy with the site except that I’m unable to add textual stories when using my (Android) smartphone to post. (It’s an LG phone with Chrome browser.) I can add a title, photos and captions, but when I try to add text, I type the first word and as soon as I hit the spacebar (or “enter”), the word disappears. This is problematic as I use my phone to take the photos I want to post. I’ve had to draft posts on my computer and then edit in the photos on my phone, or connect my phone to my computer and just create the post that way. Anyone else having this problem, and what can I do about it? Thanks so much!

(Piotr Matura) #2

Hello Laura, and welcome to PhotoBlog :slight_smile:

I was not able to reproduce error you have, but some time ago I encountered similar problem to yours. I wasn’t able to write on my Android Phone, because when I tried to remove a word, it duplicated instead and appended to the one I was trying to delete. I was able to get rid of the error, though. I was using some custom keyboard that I installed on my phone and it was it that caused problems - when I switched back to default Samsung keyboard, everything worked fine. I’m not sure this will be helpful for you, but maybe it will :slight_smile:

If you need more help, maybe Ram (@admin) will be able to help you :wink:

(Laura Pinto) #3

Hello and thank you so much for your feedback! I don’t have a keyboard on my smartphone other than the native one, though; but I do appreciate your sharing your experience. So far, PhotoBlog is the only website with which I’m having this difficulty although it’s possible it could happen with other sites as well. I’m able to send emails and post on social media with no problem. Hopefully this issue will be corrected at some point; in the meantime, I’ll just continue the way I’ve been. It’s an inconvenience but no real hardship. Thanks again!

(Ram Ya) #4

Hey Laura,

It seems there is infact a bug that effect the mobile users as you mentioned (space key deleted the previous word). PhotoBlog was mainly targeted for desktop use (long form posts) but more and more users are using mobile devices to create posts. I will have a look at this in the next update.


(Laura Pinto) #5

Hey Ram,

Thank you so much for your response. Funny thing is that I actually prefer posting blogs (and posting on social media, and sending emails, etc.) from my desktop. It’s much easier, especially since my posts tend to be wordy. :grinning: Plus I do eventually get around to copying or transferring my photos from phone to computer. It’s just that I like to post photos shortly after they’re taken, like I do with Instagram. Until such time as there is a fix, I can continue creating my posts on PhotoBlog as I’ve been doing. Thanks so much for looking into this!